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The Pros And Cons Of Steroids In Sports - 951 Words

Steroids in sports has been one of the biggest controversial topics since 1904 when Olympic marathon runner, Thomas Hicks, used a mixture of brandy and strychnine and nearly died. However, the use of PED’s (performance enhancing drugs) dates all the back to 776 BC with the Ancient Greek athletes. In sports todays the question is whether or not these types of drugs should be banned from competition. In sports today it is all about entertaining the common people. Americans tune in every night to watch one of their favorite sports programs. The New York Yankees are playing the Boston Red Sox. Alex Rodriguez steps up to the plate and stares down the pitcher on the mound. The pitcher gets the call from the catcher and winds up to throw. He†¦show more content†¦Arguments that steroids should be banned from competition make valid points on health risks and how it gives unfair advantage. These athletes however are not gaining an unfair advantage. Steroids, like stated before, give an athlete increased muscle mass and boosts stamina during activity. It still takes a tremendous amount of skill to hit a ninety nine mile per hour fastball, catch a thirty yard pass while getting hit by a defender, or dunking a ball overtop of an opponent. Steroids do not boost skill and athleticism, it boosts fatigue rate and muscle mass. If used correctly and not treated heavily or abused, steroids have very little health risks to athletes. Through the 70’s and 80’s NFL defensive powerhouse Lyle Alzado admits his use of anabolic steroids, and even stated that 90% of all athletes he knew were juicing up as well. Many cases like Alzados are also reported including Steve Courson (Steelers), Jim Haslett (Bills), Five players from the Oakland Raiders, and Shawne Merriman (Chargers). All these players state they participated in anabolic steroid usage along with saying most people in the NFL are. Some cases even included team doctors affirming player use of steroids and some even taught them proper ways of injection. So during the 70’s and 80’s if all NFL players were juicing up, what gave steroids such a bad reputation, and eventually the cause to ban them from competition? In 1928 the International Association ofShow MoreRelatedPerformance-enhancing Drugs and Athletes674 Words   |  3 PagesWith the change of rules in sports throughout the many centuaries, the most advance form of improving the ability of athletes is known as doping. Doping are performance-enhancing drugs which are used in sports. The uses of these drugs are considered to be unethical as it gives competitors an unfair advantage. Sports is seen as an activity based on full ethics and complete discipline. With the invention of performance-enhancing drugs in sports, it gives athletes a greater opportunity of cheatingRead MoreEssay On Performing Enhancing Drugs1471 Words   |  6 Pages Performing Enhancing Drugs and the World of Sports Sports has become one of the most impactful and influential parts of our culture. Sports has cemented itself as a standard part of society. In fact, taking a look back on myself and coming from an athletic background, growing up my mom would always put me in a variety of sports. When I reached high school age something that was always drilled into me by my coaches was the aspect of hard work. During my high school sporting career there was a multitudeRead MoreDrugs And Drugs In Sports1150 Words   |  5 PagesDrugs are harmful to players in highschool and franchises in big time sports. It’s no secret because I am going to tell you why, everything from how they can be harmful to death and how those few games an athlete gets suspended for can cause a championship season. It might seem a little crazy, that is, that some athletes take drugs to help with speed recovery, but they’re very harmful to the body. Even though the drugs help players with recovery, speed, fitness, and strength, drugs are harmful toRead MoreSteroids And Their Relationship With Exercise / Sports Science And Chemistry1217 Words   |  5 PagesProject: Steroids The topic I have chosen to talk about today is steroids and their relationship with exercise/sports science and chemistry. You’re probably wondering what are steroids? How and what are they made of? Why would anyone take them? I felt that these four things went very well together and are very interconnected with one another especially chemistry and steroids. First of all, what are steroids? Steroids are derived from the lipid family that also includes cholesterol, steroid hormonesRead MoreThe Baseball Hall Of Fame1814 Words   |  8 Pagesthe use of steroids in Major League Baseball. One of the scenes that stood out the most when I watched the film was when Chris Bell (2008) says the following, â€Å"But things are different now. And even baseball s changed from when my dad was growing up. And now when I think of baseball I don t think about the Babe or Hammerin Hank. I think of steroids.† When he talks about how when he thinks of baseball, he thinks of steroids he says this because of an amount of time called â€Å"The Steroid Era† whichRead MoreAthletes Understand The Danger Of Using Performance Enhancing Drugs1061 Words   |  5 Pagespill.† (Freudenrich) Most competitive athletes will do whatever it takes to reach their goals, because to win is what satisfies their dream and they are willing to put their own li fe at risk. Abusing performance enhancing drugs needs to be banned in sport, because it ruined athlete’s health, reputation, and is giving a bad impression to the young athletes. Health in general is important. Taking care of its own health is what athletes need to be cared for because without a good body condition and goodRead MoreThe Use Of Steroid Use Used On Recreational Activities910 Words   |  4 PagesThe use of steroids in recreational activities has many consequences on those who take the risk and use steroids. The writer of this paper takes a stand against the use of steroids because of the many negative aspects of them. Steroids have a very great number of physical and mental repercussions. Steroids come in different ways, and each has a different purpose, just as each has a different repercussion. After examining this paper, readers should be more informed about the life threatening risksRead MoreSteriods in Sports Essay1259 Words   |  6 Pageshelp of steroids. There is a current debate of allowing steroids to be legal in sports. Steroids should not be allowed in sports. Some people ask why. This research paper will give those people just a few of the many reasons why it should not be allowed. Through examining dangers of steroid abuse, ethics in sports, and characteristics of individuals who take and use steroids, it is evident that steroids should not be allowed in sports. First I will examine the dangers of steroid abuse. Steroids effectsRead MoreSteriods Informative Speech909 Words   |  4 PagesSection #34/Rosie Title: The Facts about Anabolic Steroids in our Bodies. Specific Purpose: To inform my audience of the effects of Anabolic Steroids in peoples bodies. Thesis: Today I would like to enlighten the class on what I’ve learned about Anabolic Steroids and the causes it has on our body. Introduction Attention material: According to Do Something.Org, Science Daily quotes that â€Å"A recent study found that 57%of high school steroid users said that they would risk shortening their lifeRead MorePositive And Negative Effects Of Anabolic Steroids1199 Words   |  5 Pagesjob is a sport. You might think steroids are the answer to your problem, but it isn’t that easy. There are many adverse effects from steroids, such as the destruction of your organs or your physical appearance. There are many more adverse effects to using steroids than positive ones. This is why it is very risky to use them. Before using them you need to know what steroids are and what happens to your body when you take them. Anabolic-androgenic steroids, also known as anabolic steroids, are a man-made

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Illegal Immigrants - 1201 Words

Illegal Immigrants With the rise of illegal immigrants, the United States has had difficulties solving the issue for a long time. Hence, there’re many factors for the causes and solutions from different branches and the government. â€Å"Amnesty?† and â€Å"Why blame Mexico?† are two articles that discuss the reasons for millions of Mexicans risking their lives to come illegally to the U.S. and indeed illustrate the writer’s perspectives and ideas for those people. In â€Å"Amnesty?†, John F. Kavanaugh, a Jesuit professor of philosophy, presents the illegal immigrants problem based upon the morality of a Judeo-Christian country. The writer begins by a sensational example of an illegal Mexican named Marà ­a. She is a productive woman, a mother of†¦show more content†¦So overall, we reject having illegal immigrants in theory but in reality want them to stay to do our work. This is a conflict situation but also the comprehensive warrant that Reed wants the readers to recognize and understand. He also proves how poorly our law is obeyed. For instance, if a restaurant is caught hiring illegals, there’ll be $1,000 a day fine. This amount is very small compared to the benefits a restaurant would get from hiring illegals. On the other hand, the business smuggling illegals into the U.S., happen everyday by the border guards. The controlled immigration system is corrupt because of the flow of money. While the border guards could g ain up to approximately $300,000 per day, tax-free, from this activity, it’s nearly impossible to ask someone to refuse such a paycheck. In additional, there are legal Latino and Mexican-American communities that are starting to grow and vote. Hence, they shall try to protect these illegal immigrants, who are also their countryman, as much as possible. From Reed’s point of view, he doesn’t think that the issues caused by Mexico but rather by America. He gives us the example of Mexico’s policies to convince us that they are reasonable and that we should at least give ourselves a second thought about our policies. Mexico’s policies for foreigners are generally friendly and open for citizenship, but still under control and require immigrants to reach certainShow MoreRelatedIllegal Immigrants : An Illegal Immigrant959 Words   |  4 PagesAn illegal immigrant defined, by law is a person of a foreign nationality immigrating to the US without the permis sion of the government. Many people view people who do come to the US without that permission as an â€Å"Illegal Immigrant†. And many of those people are viewed by other as criminals, but what makes them criminals. But what if someone was forced to come to the US when they are kid does that still make them an Illegal Immigrant. Should those kids still be labeled as an illegal immigrant, evenRead MoreIllegal Immigrants : Illegal Chinese Immigrants1535 Words   |  7 PagesIn the story of Forbidden Workers - Illegal Chinese Immigrants in New York, we are given a look at American Society from the perspective of an illegal immigrant who is taken advantage of because of their status and the vulnerable position that they are put in because of it. Peter Kwong provides a broad, but subjective, analysis of American life, labor laws, and other key points in immigration. However, while the message Kwong conveys with this interesting and informational work, it is hindered byRead MoreIl legal Immigrants1298 Words   |  6 Pages27, 2012 The Benefits of Illegal Immigrants Are illegal immigrants or undocumented immigrants beneficial to America’s economy? Most illegal immigrants have a positive impact on the United States (U.S.) economy. Illegal immigrants have a positive impact on the United States economy because they increase our tax revenue, they add to our social security, and they also increase our employment rates.† In 2000, statistics revealed 8.7 million illegal immigrants resided in the United States†Read MoreIllegal Immigrants And Illegal Immigration1100 Words   |  5 PagesIllegal immigration Over the past few years illegal immigration has become a bigger problem. Statistics reveal that more and more immigrants are entering the country illegally by crossing the borders. If something is not done soon, this may get out of hand and be to gone far not to handle. The number of illegal immigrants have gone up over the past years drastically In 2011, there were 40 million immigrants in the U.S. Of that 11.1 million were illegal. Although the number of illegalRead MoreIllegal Immigrants Should Be Illegal1456 Words   |  6 Pagesmillion illegal immigrants live in America† (Watkins). According to the recent study, â€Å"The Percentage of immigrants living in the U.S.A. is almost fourteen percent†(Wooldridge). This problem is an issue to the U.S. and will be an issue to all of the nations including europe, asia, etcetera. if it is not fixed. Reason is that the immigrants get more government help or welfare some may call it, than the registered citizens of America. Studies show that 51 percent of homes led by immigrants are gettingRead MoreAn Illegal Mexican Immigrant Immigrants1505 Words   |  7 Pagesfurtively, preferably beneath the protective cover of darkness, jumping fences, eluding guards and dodging two hundred -ton l ocomotives in a perilous dash for the most elusive of prizes, a free ride to the north. According to Jose Flores, an illegal Mexican immigrant seeking work in the United States says, â€Å"To be truthful, I have no idea of precisely where this train goes, other than it takes us to el norte† (Griffin 363+). The fact that each night literally hundreds of men and women clamber over theRead MoreIllegal Immigration And Illegal Immigrants1335 Words   |  6 PagesIllegal immigration has been one of the main topics during the last three presidential election. Many bills and laws have been passed in order to keep them out but is it really necessary to neglect illegal immigrant? Most Americans believe that illegal immigrants are only people of Mexicans or Latin American descent but illegal immigrants can be from any race or country. Illegal immigration is defined by United States Department of Homeland Security as â€Å"†¦ all foreign-born non-citizens who are notRead MoreIllegal Immigrants And Illegal Immigration1286 Words   |  6 Pagesanalysis of illegal immigration in the United States reveals one challenge facing the banks and other institutions: whether to provide banking and other services to the illegal immigrants or to treat them as criminals because they are illegal and therefore, not to provide them with banking and other services. The articles, â€Å"Crossing the Line† by Stein and â€Å"Illegal Immigrants – They’re Money,† by Rodriguez discuss the impact of illegal immigration in the United States and how the illegal immigrants shouldRead MoreIllegal Immigrants And Illegal Immigration964 Words   |  4 Pages Attention Step (quotation, question, or story) About four months ago in government class, we had a class discussion. The topic was illegal immigration. One student said that America should send the illegal immigrants back to their country because they are taking American’s jobs. He stated that he would send his dad back to Mexico because he is an illegal immigrant. Going around the circle that we created, everyone gave their opinions, most disagreed, but some agreed with the student. When it wasRead MoreIllegal Immigrants And Illegal Immigration1073 Words   |  5 Pagesdecades, the rise of illegal immigrants has been both good and bad. The topic of illegal immigration has recently been brought up frequently by politicians, seeing the economic problems that have occurred. An â€Å"illegal† immigrant is somebody who enters a country without following the proper legal requirements to make them a citizen. Illegal immigration is not only taking place in the United States, but all over the globe. The United States has s een the most amount of illegal immigrants by far. A 2010 Census

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Analyzing “Deculturization” Free Essays

Deculturalization refers to the â€Å"stripping away of a people’s culture and replacing it with a new culture† (Spring 1). Deculturalization is one of the most inhumane acts one can partake in. A person’s culture is his/her main defining feature. We will write a custom essay sample on Analyzing â€Å"Deculturization† or any similar topic only for you Order Now Culture is the medium through which people communicate their beliefs, values, and morals. Inserting one’s own culture in place of someone’s pre-existing culture is the basis of ethnocentrism. People have repeatedly become victims of deculturalization, especially in the United States, and by analyzing this ethnocentrism one learns the importance of sustaining different cultures in society. There are many methods of deculturalization, such as segregation, isolation, and forced change of language. When the content of curriculum reflects culture of dominant group, it is deculturalization. Also, dominated groups are not allowed to express their culture and religion, which is deculturalization. Use of teachers from the dominant group to teach those that are dominated is another form of deculturalization (Spring 49).†The problem was the assumption that U.S. institutions, customs, and beliefs were the best in the world and they should be imposed† (Spring 42). Throughout much of the past century, the United States sought to stamp its cultural ideal upon almost all peoples who existed within its realm of influence. It is only through the relatively modern ideology of multiculturalism and the celebration of diversity that the United States has begun to make amends for the injustices it has committed on other cultures. Today, with multiculturalism entering into the classrooms and other realms, different cultures are finally getting the attention they deserve. The American idea of cultural and racial superiority began in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries with the colonization of northeast America by predominantly Anglo Saxon colonists. Ironically, the colonists came to America to escape persecution for their religious beliefs. The Anglo Saxon attitude of cultural superiority was a largely Protestant value that remained prevalent for much of the twentieth century (Spring 2-4). The educational impact of this elitist attitude was far-reaching. The most immediate effects were seen in the destruction of Native American culture and peoples. Efforts to ‘civilize’ the Native Americans through the use of schooling began in 1819 and continued until the late 1920’s. The first schools were the result of Christian missionaries’ efforts to gain converts. English was the only language spoken in these schools, and the Native American culture was looked upon poorly. Some earlier efforts were made to adapt to Native American culture, including the development of a written Cherokee language. This knowledge, however, was used to impart Anglo-Protestant values and religion (Spring 18-21). Out of almost all of the other cultures, Native Americans are the most exploited. Not only was their culture subverted and their people forced to move, but also the Native Americans still today are trying to regain their cultural identity. It was only during the late 20’s that the effects of this cultural genocide became apparent. With the Meriam Report, published in 1928, the inhumane treatment of Native Americans was brought to the public eye, and this made way for the establishment of progressive day schools where Native Americans could integrate their culture. Ever since, Native Americans have struggled to regain an identity of their culture. Along with Native Americans, some of the same injustices were inflicted upon Puerto Rico where the same rules of deculturalization applied to the education systems. Puerto Rico became a colony of the United States in the 1890’s as a result of the Spanish-American War. The apparent Americanization of Puerto Rico centered in the schools where patriotic exercises emphasized American allegiance. English became the official language of the schools, and English proficiency became a qualification to obtain a Puerto Rican teaching license. The Puerto Ricans resisted this deculturalization, causing strong tension in the 1920’s, while they struggled to declare independence. Eventually, attempts at deculturalization fell beneath global civil rights movements in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Despite this, the educational system of Puerto Rico was severely limited for many years. During the same time that the Puerto Ricans were struggling to regain their national culture and heritage, African Americans were struggling to overcome centuries of racial discrimination. Early in the 20th century, most African Americans seemed helplessly mired in a class system that sought to keep them poorly educated to provide a supply of cheap labor. W.E.B. DuBois, founder of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, wanted to provide a different type of education for African Americans that would focus on encouraging leadership and protection of the legal and social rights of their communities. These schools would also create a constant awareness of their position within the white majority. DuBois saw great potential in the education of teachers because, once educated, they could impart their learning to countless others (Spring 67). DuBois’ dream seemed to be achieved in the 1930’s when common schools for African American children were finally erected. Although a large part of the funding was donated, black parents contributed the majority of the funds. While this was a great step forward for African American children, these schools later provided the rationale for segregation outside of the often better-funded white schools. Asian Americans were the largest group affected b the Naturalization Act of 1790, where non-white immigrants were excluded from American citizenship. A ‘white person’ was an immigrant from Western Europe; no other groups were considered ‘white.’ With the Anglo-Americans feeling threatened by the Chinese Americans, they sought to limit immigration through legislation. Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882, prohibiting Chinese immigration. The Chinese Americans were sent to segregated schools because they were not classified as a ‘white’ person. This policy of segregation broke down by the early 1900’s, when the board of education had to let Chinese youths attend the regular city high school. After the United States conquest of Mexico, the attitude of racial, religious, and cultural superiority was reflected on both the treatment of Mexicans who remained in American after the conquest and later Mexican immigrants. Segregated schools, housing, and discrimination in employment became the Mexican American heritage. President James Polk sent an army to protect the Texas border, causing a military reaction by Mexico which resulted in the U.S. declaring war on Mexico. The war allowed former Mexican citizens to obtain U.S. citizenship, but did nothing to resolve problems of the Anglo Americans feelings of superiority. One of the important consequences of this negative action against Mexicans was to make it easier for American settlers to gain land in the area. Racism served as a justification for economic exploitation. These racist attitudes permeated the life of the cattle ranches established in southern Texas during what is referred to as the â€Å"cowboy era† (Spring 80). This deculturalization of the Mexican Americans is yet another example of the ethnocentrism that engulfed Anglo Americans. Deculturalization has been a very sad occurrence since the beginning of America, and only recently has this problem started to be alleviated. The impacts of deculturalization have been very negative on society, but mostly on the education system. Today, teacher education revolves around multiculturalism and valuing the differences in cultures. Until this idea reaches all realms of society, however, the United States will not be completely free from the negative aspects of deculturalization, which swept through the country for many years. Knowledge is half the battle, though, and the more people are educated on other cultures, the more people will begin to appreciate other cultures. How to cite Analyzing â€Å"Deculturization†, Papers

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Black Power Essay Research Paper BLACK POWER free essay sample

Black Power Essay, Research Paper BLACK POWER The book # 8220 ; Black Power # 8221 ; was one of the most clearest manifestations of the motion s alteration of way in the late 1960 s. Black Power was a alteration set out by one adult male to give rights back to black people and to set an terminal to bias and imperialism. One of the ends set out by Kwame Ture and Charles Hamilton, the writers of Black Power was to do black people stronger and get the better of the subjugation of a white society. Suppression by Whites was the cardinal job seeking to be solved. Trying to accomplish a new consciousness of the job, by reacting in their ain manner to a white society, was the overall end of the motion. The chief thought behind Black Power was to turn to the jobs at manus and happen solutions to them in order to happen economic, political, and societal justness. We will write a custom essay sample on Black Power Essay Research Paper BLACK POWER or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page # 8220 ; It is about black people taking attention of business-the concern of and for black people # 8221 ; ( Ture and Hamilton,1967, XV ) . Economic jobs included non being able to afford a good instruction because of low incomes and unemployment for months at a clip. Social jobs such as deficiency of civil rights were the cardinal incentive in the Black Power motion. White extremists groups aiming black people, such as the Klu Klux Klan, besides fueled the aspiration of release of suppression. Politically, black work forces and adult females had virtually no rights, they could non vote, or be elected into office in a preponderantly white political system. As Black Power infiltrated itself into society, nevertheless, more and more political groups were being heard across the state. Politicss was the best used method of distributing the ends and purposes of Black Power. Through political groups, like the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, or the SNCC, and subsequently the Black Panther Party, the thought was made known publically. The SNCC was one of the first organisations to bring forth Black Power in the mid 1960 s. Many SNCC workers came to believe that farther advancement depended on independent black political power. Organizations such as these gave black people power and helped the economic motion. Through political relations, the European Union onomic problems of education and jobs could be attended to. Politics led to giving more black people civil rights, allowing such things as a wider range of public school access (blacks and whites, not segregated). With black people beginning to have a voice, it would be easier to get a job when people saw you as someone who may be â€Å"important† to the community. There would still be discrimination in the work place as well as everywhere else, increased by organizations like the Black Panthers. According to Black Power, â€Å"The people must put this discrimination and prejudice behind them and move on to achieve their own hopes and goals so they may rise up above the hatred.† Many of the political organizations succeeded in the 1960 s, and the goal of establishing a voice in the public s eye was achieved. Economically some differences were made in education and employment, but these were not the main issues of the movement. Gaining civil rights and fighting for fre edom was the main goal of Black Power. Through the use of politics, new civil liberties were instituted for black people helping to achieve many of the goals of the movement. While the movement may not have succeeded in all aspects such as economically, and racially, it was a pivotal action during the civil rights movement and allowed many new civil liberties. Black Power attempts to resolve the problems of black people by promoting to take action into their own hands and overwrite the order of a white male domination over society. It stresses that black people cannot wait for help, they must do for themselves. These ideas were carried out with political, social, and economical standpoints. Politics carried the Black Power movement and allowed social goals to be set as well. Through these three positions, Black Power centered on overcoming white suppression, achieving a consciousness that there is a problem, and in order to solve that problem the enemy must in turn be suppressed by them. Black Power was created to spread the idea that black people must become stronger and unite to put an end to prejudice, racism, and injustice in the black community.

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Macbeth Essays (691 words) - Characters In Macbeth,

Macbeth Disease as Imagery in Macbeth Imagery plays a predominant role in Shakespeare's play Macbeth. This stylistic device appears in several different forms throughout the play. Imagery of animals, nature, and darkness help create a foreboding atmosphere. In particular, the imagery of disease acts as a metaphor for evil and corruption. The idea of corruption spreading in Macbeth like a disease first appears in Act 1, scene 3, in one of Macbeth's first soliloquies. He states that the thought of murdering Duncan is weighing on his find so greatly that he is unable to function normally. Soon after, Lady Macbeth, in a soliloquy of her own, points out that Macbeth's only ?illness? (at that point) is his ambition. Despite the fact that he covets the throne dearly, he does not want to usurp Duncan. Unfortunately, as the disease of Macbeth's mind spreads, it takes on the new form of evil. For example, by Act 2, scene 1, his ?heat oppressed mind? sees apparitions of the dagger he will use to murder Duncan. Soon after Duncan is slain, Lennox, unaware of this dreadful deed, describes how the earth was ?feverous.? Not only does this comment show that the natural order reflects the moral order, it is also the starting point of Scotland's downfall under the rule of Macbeth as king. In Act 3, scene 4, Macbeth has prepared a banquet that is seemingly in honour of Banquo, whom he has just murdered. During the banquet, Banquo's ghost comes back to haunt Macbeth for his actions. Macbeth, unaware that he is surrounded by several Lords, openly expresses his shock when he sees Banquo's ghost. Lady Macbeth quickly comes to her husband's aid, saying that he is merely plagued by a common infirmity that causes him to hallucinate. Although this revelation is entirely false, it does have some ironic connotations: Macbeth is ill with the disease of evil. As the play progresses, the imagery of the diseased Macbeth becomes more evident. In the beginning of Act 4, scene 3, Malcolm and Macduff, lament the fact that Scotland is as ill as its ruler, Macbeth, who has now earned himself the terrible title of ?tyrant.? Malcolm even goes so far to vividly describes how his country, personified as a being, bleeds under Macbeth. This metaphor of a diseased country is extended as Macduff introduces the idea of healing Scotland, upon learning that his family has been killed. He ominously vows to slaughter Macbeth, thus curing his homeland with the medicine of revenge. Even Lady Macbeth has been affected by the spread of the malady. On a literal basis she has actually suffered a mental breakdown, primarily due to the heavy load on her conscience. Figuratively, however, she is not suffering from a sick body, but a sick soul. She is merely living in the horror of the recollection of the evil deeds that she has committed. For this reason, the doctor's diagnosis is that her only hope rests on divine healing rather than physical recuperation. The Scottish nobles continue the imagery of disease to stress that their opposition to Macbeth's ?distempered cause? is justified. In Act 5, scene 2, Malcolm has been identified as the medicine for the sick country. Moreover, his men are ready to shed their blood as ?purge? for Scotland's affliction. Back in Macbeth's camp, the tyrant asks a doctor to cure both the ailing Lady Macbeth and Scotland and to find out the cause of their troubles. Ironically, Macbeth is unaware that, in fact, he himself is the root of both of these predicaments. The use of imagery in Macbeth is effective in creating suspense and establishing the atmosphere of evil lurking. The imagery of disease as a metaphor for evil and corruption is appropriate for several reasons. Firstly, Macbeth's slow descent down the moral ladder is similar to a disease slowly spreading through an organism. Secondly, just as Macbeth is unable to rid himself of the thought of killing Duncan, a disease is often uncontrollable. Finally, the metaphor is extended, as Malcolm (and to a lesser extent Macduff) is seen as medicine or a healer who cures Scotland of its infirmity.

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buy custom Balanced Scorecard essay

buy custom Balanced Scorecard essay The balanced scorecard helps a company in planning for its future endeavors so as to ensure that the company attains a sustainable competitive advantage which is based on its long-term survival in the competitive market and also increase in its profit margins. The Balanced Scorecard is an avenue which provides an approach into deciding the companys strategies, the objectives which can make it to attain its strategic visions, and how it can deliver so as to get an outcome which is very desirable in the future. The balances scorecard can help in the transformation of the strategic plans of a company since it provides a framework which gives the performance measurements which can help the decision makers in the company to identify how the performance can be measured and also what can actually be done in the measuring of the performance. This paper will focus on Pearson Plc. Company which is a publishing company and it investigates if the balanced scorecard has any link to the strategy and vision of the company in 4 measurement areas namely; the financial perspective, the customer perspective, the internal business process perspective and the growth and learning perspectives. The paper furthers the suggestions which have been tabled to be some improvements in the balanced scorecard and the limitations. Vision and strategy A strategy is a directional scope of an organization over its long-term abilities, which are usually aimed at achieving the set goals of a company. There are nine forces which can serve as a basis for a business strategy: the products offered, the market needs, the technology, the production capability, the methods of sales, the methods of distribution, the natural resources, the size and growth, and the returns in the profit levels. The decisions to a proper and successful strategy are determined by the products and services, the customers, the market segments, and the geographic areas. In order for a business to be able to achieve its set objectives, it must be able to come up with a strategy which is suitable, like, for example, if the strategys aim is to increase the companys total revenue, then the strategy has to be aimed at new investments, or even the launching of new products. A strategy is very difficult to be reversed, since when a company decides to implement a strategy, it is absolutely not possible to be able to switch the resources towards another direction. The outcome of a good strategic plan is the goal setting of a company which is purely based on its vision and mission statement. The vision of Pearson Plc. Company is about the powering of the performance in in education where its current strategy is aimed at the provision of all schools with a flexible choice and the use of the new technology so as to establish the needed infrastructure which is essential for powering performance to all its stakeholders. The success of our company which usually operates mainly for marketing and the acquisition of high profits are dependent on the management and the establishment of all the products and services that are being offered by the company (Miles, 2003). For our company to be able to compete and survive in the competitive market, it has to be very successful. A sustainable competitive advantage is a prolonged benefit that a company possesses and achieves by the creation of new products and services which are valued and targeted by the market and they cannot be replaced easily or even duplicated by the competition (Adrian and Rieple 2008). It requires that a company or a business unit is able to erect suitable barriers against competition by looking at the basis of competition and who the business is competing against. PEARSON has been able to have a sustainable competitive advantage because of its efficient market hypothesis and its consideration of price volume relation in terms of stock pr ices in the stock market (Hamel Prahalad) In order for a business to be able to achieve a set of objectives, it must be able to develop a suitable strategy, for example, if the strategys aim is to increase the companys total revenue, then the strategy has to be aimed at new investments or launching of new products (Cobbold Lawrie, 2002). Pearsons marketing strategy is simple and it aims at the total satisfaction of all customers, which is one of the marketing tools that the company uses to create the product awareness among high and middle income individuals. Balanced scorecard A balanced scorecard (BSC) is a management and a strategic planning system which is used in a business so as to align the vision and strategy of the organization, monitor all the organizations general performances according the strategic goals that they have set, and also aids in the improving of the external and the internal communications in the organization (Voelper, et al., 2006). Strategic planning is a systematic process which is continuous and is aimed at guiding an organization into making solid decisions about its future, to be able to develop all the procedures and operations that are necessary for the organization to achieve its future set goals, and also to develop and determine ways on how the success of the company or organization will be achieved (Richard, et al., 2009). The balanced scorecard (BSC) was developed by Drs. Robert Kaplan and David Norton (2004) as being a framework which could be used to measure performance of the organization where they were able to describe the balanced scorecard to retain all the aspects of the traditional financial measures which in most cases tell more about the past events in an organization where the customer relationships and the long-term capabilities were not considered to be critical for the success of the organization (Lynch, 2006) . The Figure below shows a balanced scorecard which is suitable for use by the directors and managers of Pearson Plc. Company in aligning its business activities to the companys vision and strategy and also in the monitoring of the performance against the strategic goals. Personal drive is the main facto in the execution of the Pearson companys strategy which involves courage of the leaders and the managers, who in most cases are able to take responsibilities for their own actions and are also able to reorganize (Thompson Strickland 2003) the company by showing great courage and readiness to jump into action so that new ideas can begin to take effect at once. The leadership in the Pearson Company has enabled it to soar into greater heights The balance scorecard brings out 4 perspectives which show that there exist a balance between the subjective measures and objective measures, the driving forces of all the future results and the performance results, and the external and internal measures (Papalexandris, et al., 2005). The Financial Perspective The financial perspective in a business entails the decision makers to analyze the finances of the company where they can be able to determine if the management of the finances has achieved the companys objectives and mission. The financial perspectives in Pearson Company include the operating income which is shown in the Pearsons income statement, economic value added, and the return on capital employed which is estimated to be about 13.3% in 2010 and 13.4% in 2009 (Appendix A). The Customer Perspective The customer perspective implies that customer satisfaction is very essential to a company or business. This is because it is the customers who consume the products and they have needs and wants which should be met so as to continue consuming the companys products and also bring in brand new customers to the company. Pearsons main aim is consumer satisfaction since the company believes that it is the customer that determines the profitability of a company. This includes measure like the retention of the existing customers, the total market share in the market segments, and consumer satisfaction. In the customer perspective, Pearson used the customers satisfaction rates where they used polls to get the data where they targeted about 89% customer satisfaction. This is because the Pearson Company usually contacts online surveys so as to determine the satisfaction of all their customers so as to know how to plan for the future of the consumer welfare. The Business Process Perspective The business process perspective is what proceeds the customer perspective since a company should be able to analyze all the processes which it uses in satisfying the customers needs. This can help the company to analyze if its internal processes are efficient enough to meet the expectations of the customers and also it can enable the company to come up with new strategies on how they can improve their service and product delivery, and also improve in their efficiency in the future. In the business perspective, Pearson used the metric of servicing all the calls coming to the call center by the potential customers where the target was to answer each call that came in within 30 minutes where the second target was to decrease the total number of calls which were dropped to 3% or less. This metric helped in measuring the incoming calls with the plan of the implementation of a phone tracker so as to track all the calls that comes in from the customers. The Learning and Growth Perspective The learning and growth perspective includes learning and innovation which are needed by the company so that it can attain a competitive advantage over its close competitors. Employee training and education is very important and the company has to motivate the employees. The key decision makers would be able to determine the strategic positioning of the company and also make sure that all the objectives and goals which have been set have been attained in the future. In the learning perspective, Staff development is an important process in Pearson where the company encourages the training of employees so as to improve on the companys efficiency. This perspective includes measures like the satisfaction and the retention of the employees, and the skills set. In this perspective, the employees of Pearson were supposed to each take some courses and training where they were supposed to be tested and those who succeed will have got a 90% in the test. The company will come up with a training module which will later be followed by a test. Pearson has the ability to continuously come up with revolutionary innovations which help to boost the companys sales and also widen the profit margins, this shows that Pearson has a great and a substantial innovation resources which are very hard to be imitated by the companys close competitors and they are very valuable to the company. Through the human resource management, Pearson Company is able to provide skills through the training of all its employees around the globe which would equip them with all the knowledge and skills which are required to be able to produce a better output (Johnson, et al., 2005). The motivation of employees in a company is very vital since it contributes to the profitability of the company in terms of an increase in the output levels since the employees are very willing to work and produce more. Strategic positioning of Pearson is at the point of gathering sufficient information concerning the internal and the external environments and also including the companys stakeholders in making important strategic decisions. It is very important for the Pearson to take into account the future of the company by trying to access the suitability of the current strategy (Johnson et al. 2005). The stakeholders of Pearson Company are the key parties that have influence over the company and its future endeavors. Some of the major key stakeholders of Pearson Company are employees, customers, the government, investors, institutions, shareholders, and suppliers. The BSC objectives of Pearson company is that the company intends and aims to be worlds leading publishing company in London andd for that to be possible, the company it has to increase its turnover from the financial perspective by increasing its turnover by about 15% which then becomes the new financial objective of the company. This turnover is provided by the potential customers of the companys products since they should be able to get all their delivering in a timely manner which makes the customer objective. The company also has other internal activities like the filling of orders, production planning and control, and purchasing where all of those internal activities start with the customer receiving the order and ends with the customer getting all the delivering of the goods and services which in the end makes up the process objective. Another form of a process objective is where all the orders are entered in the production and planning systems. The innovations objective states that there is need for changes especially in the infrastructure so as to ensure that the companys strategy is fully accomplished. The measures which are the key performance indicators (KPI) of BSC are the parameters which are observable and are used by the company to attain its set objectives. The Pearson Company has a profitable growth objective which is measurable through the measurement of the companys net margin growth. The identification of the balance scorecards initiatives is very important since the initiatives act as the main drivers of the strategy and it also addresses the gaps which are between the BSC targets and the BSC measures and the measures which are geared towards performance (Kaplan and Norton, 2004). Niven (2002) argued that initiatives which are effective would help in closing the gap which exists between the desired performance and the current performance. The limitations of a balanced score card are that it can take a very long time to implement the whole project where the company would be required to make time for investments so as to be able to implement on the project. The implementation in Pearson required that there be the participation of each employee since there were numerous data which were required which could take a very long time and the whole process to be tiring. The definition of the measures of the organization is also not a very easy task where the company would have to choose only those measures which can be linked. A strategy map is used by a company like Pearson company As a communication tool to show how value can be created for the company since they demonstrate a logical connection in the strategic objectives which can be in the cause-and-effect chain form. It improves the general performance in all the objectives which are mainly found on the bottom row which can enable a company to be able to improve the internal process of the companys perspective objectives which are usually shown in the next row up which further leads to the creation of desirable results by the company in the financial and customer perspectives which are shown in the two rows which are on top. A strategy map links the shareholder, the management, customer, core capabilities, innovation, information technology, process management, value creation, and quality management where it helps in describing the strategy and then communicating the strategies to the top executives and the other employees in the company. What I would recommend to the board of Pearson Company is that they should adapt a leadership management strategy. In order for a company to be successful in the competitive market there is a need to have good innovative leaders and also are very good in the decision making of the company. Some executives are solely to be blamed for the failure of the businesses and the companies that they manage because they prioritize the profit goal ahead of the customer satisfaction goal (Wright et al., 2005). The customers play a very important role in the existence of the company since however good the companys products are, it needs the customers to purchase the products. Customer satisfaction determines the profitability of the company and the total sales that a company makes because the better the customer satisfaction the more the consumption of the products. The executives of Pearson Company are leaders and they should come up with a good decision making process and have very good leadership qualities which would enable them to lead the company towards attaining its set goals and objectives (Sadler-Smith 2006). The reason why I recommended the leadership management strategy is that leadership is crucial for the company. A successful organization should have a well-defined far-sighted stand and, above all, a good leadership management, which is innovative enough to be able to pursue the objectives of the organization. A goal is an endeavor to achieve something during a specified period of time and it is supposed to be realistic and specific. Such goals the company sets are then translated by its leaders into activities and objectives. The main aim of the executives of Pearson Company is to move the organization into attaining a high performance through the operational planning and making it a global visionary company. In conclusion, a balance card can help a company to measure its performance which can lead to the success of the company but for the balance score card to be effective, there has to be good leaders in the company. Leadership in any organization starts with a vision, which is directed towards the goals of the company, and a good leader is the one who is aimed at scoring big successes for his organization. Leaders help when it comes to the strategic planning, which is a systematic continuous process and is aimed at guiding an organization into making solid decisions about its future, to be able to develop all the procedures and operations that are necessary for the organization to achieve its future set goals, and also to develop and determine ways on how the success of the company or organization will be achieved. This strategic plan is usually a long term plan of action which is designed by an organization in order to achieve its set goals and objectives (Thompson Frank 2005). 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